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seldomfed: I've been enjoying playing with Brad Fitch and the Tropic Cowboy band this summer - I hope you were able [...]

seldomfed: Check out Jeff's latest project, amazing young singer, Hanna

seldomfed: Hey, nice new videos on the home page!!

admin: check the Mcrea at Red Rocks!

admin: The web site has been fixed to allow the Westword feed again!! yahoo

admin: Check out all the student videos from the Cavalcade of Stars!

admin: check out some of the new student videos!

admin: Everyone played great today at Buckin' Harley's

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Jeff’s Bio

I am a Colorado ‘native’ -- born right here in Denver !  My grandfather was born in Denver in 1891, and my Dad was born here in 1922.  Growing up in SE Denver I graduate from Cherry Creek High School, and then took my studies to Trinidad Jr. College, and Western State in Gunnison.

I started playing drums at the age of 11. Since then I’ve been all over the world playing everything from Rock’n'Roll to Country and from Jazz Fusion to Punk.  In my career I’ve played with Bo Diddly, The Chiffons, and The Del Vikings. I play in a number of bands in the Denver region currently and do studio session work along the Front Range of Colorado.

I’m currently working with Hanna

I’d love to share my experience with you and help you reach your musical goals! So please contact me

Jeff Kennison

Modern Drummer Article:

My Cousin Warren and I:

My Great Grandfather  Kristian Kringel:

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