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seldomfed: I've been enjoying playing with Brad Fitch and the Tropic Cowboy band this summer - I hope you were able [...]

seldomfed: Check out Jeff's latest project, amazing young singer, Hanna

seldomfed: Hey, nice new videos on the home page!!

admin: check the Mcrea at Red Rocks!

admin: The web site has been fixed to allow the Westword feed again!! yahoo

admin: Check out all the student videos from the Cavalcade of Stars!

admin: check out some of the new student videos!

admin: Everyone played great today at Buckin' Harley's

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The Music of John Denver!

This summer I will again join Brad Fitch and his nephew and sister, along with my brother, and local fiddle great Johnny Neil as we present the music of John Denver in a a few public and private concerts along the front range. If you are interested, we’ll be at the YMCA in Estes Sept. 5th, and at the Rialto Theatre in Loveland Sept 12th. Brad is one of the best John Denver ‘tribute’ artists in the nation.  Brad’s shows are full of stories and history, and great music. I know you’ll have fun!  I will!  For more information visit Brad’s web at

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