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Latest on Tue, 12:42 pm

seldomfed: I've been enjoying playing with Brad Fitch and the Tropic Cowboy band this summer - I hope you were able [...]

seldomfed: Check out Jeff's latest project, amazing young singer, Hanna

seldomfed: Hey, nice new videos on the home page!!

admin: check the Mcrea at Red Rocks!

admin: The web site has been fixed to allow the Westword feed again!! yahoo

admin: Check out all the student videos from the Cavalcade of Stars!

admin: check out some of the new student videos!

admin: Everyone played great today at Buckin' Harley's

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Finding a band

The best way to improve is to play music with others. But you gotta find a band, or at least one other person to work with!  How do you do that?  It takes a combination of things, but usually it’s who knows you, and who you know.

Network!   Everytime you meet someone – let them . . . → Read More: Finding a band