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seldomfed: I've been enjoying playing with Brad Fitch and the Tropic Cowboy band this summer - I hope you were able [...]

seldomfed: Check out Jeff's latest project, amazing young singer, Hanna

seldomfed: Hey, nice new videos on the home page!!

admin: check the Mcrea at Red Rocks!

admin: The web site has been fixed to allow the Westword feed again!! yahoo

admin: Check out all the student videos from the Cavalcade of Stars!

admin: check out some of the new student videos!

admin: Everyone played great today at Buckin' Harley's

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Welcome to Jeffrey Kennison’s PRO DRUM STUDIO. This is full service drum studio. Jeffrey accepts students of all ages and levels of ability, with a focus on each drummer’s individual goals and dreams.

If you are a beginner, or currently involved in a school band or drum line, Jeffrey can help you. Want to be a hit at the open stages, or bring your style up to date? Jeffrey will use his unique style of instuction, and a thorough knowledge of current techniques, and new music to contemporize your playing.

Call for an introductory 1/2 hour lesson and a free pair of sticks for first time students.

Learn how to “play drums like the pros”.

- Jeffrey

Regional Artist Endorser of : Yamaha Drums
and Sabian Cymbals

Phone: 720-690-4958 Email:

Denver, Colorado


Rehearsal - 9-7-15

Rehearsal time! -- crafting those signature ‘Hanna’ grooves! -- ya gotta see this band! >>>


Getting set up for the Sept 5, 2015 John Denver Tribute at the YMCA in Estes Park. What a great show that night!!

Tropic Cowboy Band - SEPT 5, 2015


Red Rocks was the gig of a lifetime.  Check out this video of my set on stage ready to go.

And also watch the videos on the MCRAE facebook site. Thanks


Jeff with the Judges at the Pro Drum Studio  student recital day -

Nancy Wondolleck, Jeff, Bainz (The Wolf), Kenny Ortiz (Flowbots)

The judges…

The Judges

Kenny Ortiz (Flowbots), Bainz (The Wolf), Nancy Wondolleck

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